Born from the founders of Ruroc helmets

About Enginehawk

Enginehawk was born with the aim to revolutionize the motorcycle industry and completely redefine what motorcycle apparel can be. We want to help save lives, on and off the bike.

What we do

In 2017, Ruroc changed the motorcycle helmet game. But we instantly found a lack of motorcycle apparel worthy of our helmets. We couldn’t find gear we wanted to wear, and neither could our riders. So we put together an action plan to revolutionise the motorcycle apparel industry and make better gear. Gear that looks better, fits better and performs better. And is completely inclusive of all riders.

The team behind the hawk

To revolutionise the motorcycle apparel industry, we needed to do things differently. We’ve taken the best engineering minds from motorsports and combined them with the most creative designers and garment technicians from the fashion industry.

The journey so far

Our mission when we started Enginehawk was to save lives and revolutionise the motorcycle apparel industry. And that’s still our biggest mission today.

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