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Premium Jackets built from rider feedback

British-born, and built by the founders and creators of Ruroc - Enginehawk was created to revolutionise the motorcycle industry and completely redefine what protective wear can be. The mission was simple, combine premium fashion styling and tailoring with the highest level of rider protection. Gear that looks and feels as good off the bike as it does on.

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Built from rider feedback

We design with a true purpose - to make motorcycle apparel the rider truly wants and needs. We know this mission is not one we can do on our own. Instead of making products we think people want, we ask them. Our community of riders across the world help us create the greatest gear on the market, so join them and have your say.

Detail is everything

All our jackets are designed by hand, with love, care and attention. This means we can fill every inch of our jackets with detail and purpose.

50 cal jacket
Function meets form

Utilising the latest in garment technology, we can combine masterful styling and intelligent engineering to create a jacket designed with purpose.

50 cal jacket
Style and substance

Following our signature 'ride and wear' philosophy, our jackets are designed to look just as good off the bike, as they do on the bike.

50 cal jacket
Quality over quantity

In a motorcycle jacket, quality can be the difference between life and death, so we use only the highest quality materials available, and never compromise.

50 cal jacket
Built for the ride

Using clever adjustable fitting techniques, our jackets are designed to give you the most comfortable and tailored riding experience possible.

50 cal jacket
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