Get ready for the launch

On 27 April the revolution begins. Motorcycle apparel that looks better, fits better and performs better. Our new range of insane CE approved jackets drop at 00.01 London time. Want the chance to win one before the launch? Enter our giveaway below. Winners announced a few hours before the launch!

Jacket Giveaway

The brand behind the mission

Built by the founders and creators of Ruroc helmets. We couldn’t find CE approved apparel we wanted to wear, and neither could our riders. So we created Enginehawk to revolutionise the industry and completely redefine what it can be. Our mission is to save lives, on and off the bike and make kick ass gear. Find out more

Explorar la gama

Revealed soon. On 27 April, 11 insane jackets will be released with 6 leather and 4 textile options. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to find out more!
  • Hawkeye UV

    Revealed 2 April
  • Raptor

    Revealed 3 April
  • Ironhead

    Revealed 4 April
  • Airborne

    Revealed 5 April
  • 50 Cal

    Revealed 6 April
  • Predator

    Revealed 7 April
  • 916

    Revealed 8 April
  • Knucklehead

    Revealed 9 April
  • Cookies 'N' Creme

    Revealed 10 April
  • Thermo Bomber

    Revealed 12 April
  • Thermo Vest

    Revealed 12 April
  • 916 Inferno

    Revealed 13 April
  • Creme N Cookies

    Revealed 13 April
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